Why Go Green?

Saving the planet from Climate Change impacts like rise in sea levels, melting glaciers, loss of bio diversity, increasing temperatures etc.

Who is this for?

The Carbon Map & Cap Conference 2011 will present an opportunity for Corporate India to directly interact and collaborate with Green Service Providers…

Climate Change & Corporate Sustainability

Imagine a world where temperatures regularly reach 50° Celsius, where New York, Venice, Mumbai and Hong Kong have disappeared…

About Carbon Map & Cap™ Conference

Conference Details

The conference was designed to help multinational corporations, small businesses and individual offices, facilitate the move towards becoming environmentally responsible and sustainable companies with a new clean and green business model for a low carbon future.

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Participant Feedback

The conference was a wonderful experience and truly inspiring to see so many corporates understanding the importance of carbon footprint. I thank you for this opportunity and hope to be in constant touch with you and the CERE team on a regular basis.

Kavya Chandra Sanctuary Asia

Congratulations to CERE for an excellent "carbon" day. It was indeed a very well organized conference. I enjoyed every minute of it. Also item-wise breakdown of carbon emissions caused by holding this conference at the President Hotel was an eye-opener for me!

Prof Soli Arceivala


The Carbon Map & Cap™ Conference had three major sponsors (Platinum, Gold & Silver) and one support sponsor for our participant attendee kits.