World over, there is an increasing awareness about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainable Development (SD) and Non-Financial Reporting (NFR). Consequently, there is a concerted effort among corporate houses to ensure that sustainable development is not lost sight off, in pursuit of their business goals. In this context, the need for sustainable developmental efforts by institutions in India assumes urgency and in particular, they can help greatly contribute to this effort by playing a meaningful role in the stakeholders community.

Global warming and climate change are particularly important in the context of sustainable development, especially for developing countries, which tend to be ill-equipped for such changes. According to recent studies on climate change, the majority of Asian companies are “largely oblivious” to the risks posed by climate change issues to their business models and the environment.

In view of the above, since the past 3 years CERE has been helping major companies go green by mapping their carbon emissions and determining their carbon footprint and thereafter, helping achieve reduction targets to cap their carbon emissions.

What is the Carbon Map & Cap™ Initiative ?

The Carbon Map & Cap™ Initiative has been designed by CERE keeping in mind that the project can either be undertaken across a company or can also be piloted in any one office and then be easily replicated by all branches across India. The project is an independent, stand-alone model with inherent qualities to ensure flexibility so that it can be adapted to site-specific situations and scaled up.

CERE will also help the company set-up an internal monitoring systems to ensure that every branch and office is a part of the project and all the carbon data can be captured pan-India to determine the carbon footprint of the entire organisation in the coming years.

CERE has been commissioned by companies such as IndusInd Bank and Tata Capital Ltd. to map their carbon footprint and help cap their carbon emissions.