Imagine a world where temperatures regularly reach 50° Celsius, where New York, Venice, Mumbai and Hong Kong have disappeared under the sea; where malaria is rampant in Canada; where rice is scarce in India; where the Ganga and Yamuna have dried up and the Himalayas have no snow left.  Impossible? Think again.......

This is the world of Climate Change and its beginning to happen right now!!

What is Climate Change ?

Climate Change is a symptom of a sick earth. Our planet is suffering because of the way human activities have been destroying the natural environment of the earth. Climate Change results in an alteration of either local weather conditions or global weather patterns. Global Warming is one of the most serious manifestations of Climate Change.

What is Global Warming?

Since the Industrial revolution, the amount of Green House Gases (GHG’s) in the atmosphere have been growing at an alarming pace. Burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, waste production and intensive agriculture have all led to an increase in the three main GHG's of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). This has led to an average temperature increase of 0.7° C resulting in the Green House Effect which causes Global Warming.

The Need for Corporate Sustainability

Rapid development in the last decade has propelled India as an economic superpower but this tremendous growth is also coupled with Global Warming and the onset of potentially devastating Climate Change. Climate Change poses a direct threat to stable and sustained economic growth. According OECD, economic damages and losses arising from climate destabilisation could cost the global economy up to US$ 970 billion!! It is therefore imperative for all sections of civil society, including multinational companies, small businesses and offices to earnestly redress environmental issues through sustainable practices.