One thought on “The Road Ahead : Business in a low carbon economy

  • September 18, 2016 at 9:41 am

    An interesting exchange of thoughts, by thought Leaders on the panel.
    Kudos on organizing such seminars. Keep it up kind Doctor. Factual knowledge is available in huge dollops, from various sources.
    Most pertinent issue is how to percolate this down to the masses and common citizens, ESPECIALLY without waiting for a new generation to come along.
    Sustainable development is needed NOW , Especially in rapidly urbanizing smaller cities and towns of Rural India. That is where the action should happen in coming few years.
    The process has to be delivered and awareness created at never before speeds to people who live in the hinterland. They are the future, who need not move to Urban metropolis zones, if reliable power, clean water, and connectivity, along with employment opportunities are brought to where they live.


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