Going Green has Many Advantages

  • Saving the planet from Climate Change impacts like rise in sea levels, melting glaciers, loss of biodiversity, increasing temperatures etc.
  • Measures designed to reduce the use of material resources and energy, also lead to considerable savings and help achieve cost cutting targets.
  • Green initiatives give commonality of purpose, bring about cohesiveness amongst employees & improve the condition of their working environment.
  • Going green forms a worthy and integral part of a company’s overall Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme
  • Government regulatory authorities, share-holders & customers expect global brands/companies to take steps to minimize their Carbon Footprint
  • Helps in meeting environmental reporting standards like Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Clean Development Mechanism (CDP).
  • Offers numerous public relations opportunities, increases visibility and builds brand image & demonstrates company’s commitment to the environment.
  • Sustainable development helps prevent or ease the damaging economic effects of climate change like lower agricultural production, loss of livelihoods etc